Is 4-years-old too young to start the piano?

I’ve been asked this many times over the years - and each time I give the same answer: Nope. Definitely not!

Not if you use the correct approach ie: an engaging curriculum designed specifically for pre-schoolers!

You see, the piano has been shown to be a highly effective tool in developing mathematical thinking and what is less known, is that during preschool years there is a “window of opportunity” where learning the piano can facilitate neural connections in the brain - required for mathematical and spacial understanding in later years.

Why piano lessons for pre-schoolers are important

Many studies have been been carried out and one, by Psychologist Dr Frances Rauscher and physicist Dr Gordon Shaw, investigated children who received piano lessons by giving them spatial-temporal reasoning tests.  Scores were then compared to the results from those who didn’t play an instrument.

Rauscher reported that children who took piano lessons scored 34% higher on tasks measuring spatial-temporal cognition, hand-eye coordination and arithmetic  showing they were better at the brain functions needed to be good at maths. 

This shows that the mix of concentration and brain function needed for problem-solving and multitasking makes piano students succeed higher in maths grades compared to others.

What I teach

My Piano Lessons for PreSchoolers curriculum is designed with this in mind. 

It makes the most of these crucial early years by engaging little ones in activities both on and off the piano bench which are designed to build confidence, increase enjoyment and solidify musical concepts.

This initial introduction to one-on-one piano lessons encourages age-appropriate exploration of the piano through songs, games, rhymes and imaginative activities.

All my pre-school piano lessons are created to teach young children all they need to know before learning to read notated music.

Each 30-minute lesson follows a routine which includes a Rhythm Rhyme poem, exploration activities, a teacher/student duet, a numeracy slot to improve mathematical understanding and a piano game. 

These lessons are directed by specific aims to give your preschooler an enjoyable and positive first experience in music lessons which will hopefully lead to long-term enjoyment of the piano.

My piano lessons for preschoolers will help your little ones grow and learn while ensuring their first music lesson experience is both positive and fun!

What your child will learn

  • Symbol-to-sound recognition

  • Practice finger independence & co-ordination

  • Learn aural awareness

  • Play long sounds and short sounds on black keys

  • Play sounds moving higher and lower

  • Learn maths skills to help musical understanding.

Is your child ready to take Piano Lessons for Preschoolers?

Readiness for piano lessons can vary greatly among 3-5 year olds - let’s face it - we’re all very different.

My curriculum is designed to help them grow and learn and it works best if your child is able to do the following:

  • Does he/she show interest in music?

  • Does he/she like listening and moving to music?

  • Is he/she excited about the prospect of learning the piano?

  • Is he/she comfortable being away from you for short periods of time (ie: during the lesson?)

  • Does your child understand the difference between “banging” on the piano keys Vs playing carefully?

  • Does your child have an instrument at home to practice on?

If the answer to most of these questions is "yes" then I'd love to hear from you! 😊

Simply fill out the contact form here or drop me a line by calling 01332 441507 

You can also reach out on Facebook where I post regularly! I look forward to hearing from you.

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