Whether a complete beginner or an experienced pianist my piano lessons will enable you to develop your skills through inspired 21st century teaching.

By making every lesson count. 

By teaching both classical and contemporary music I fully encourage students of all ages & abilities to pursue whichever path inspires them the most.
I use a combination of traditional methods and the latest innovative teaching techniques which fully incorporate the use of technology and the latest musical applications.


Piano Lessons Derby is based near central Derby and easily reached by car, bus or bicycle.
Lessons are taught both in my dedicated piano studio and home lessons are also available.



I teach piano differently

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my site.  I hope you find it interesting and leave feeling inspired to continue with or even begin playing the piano.

My passion is delivering creative piano teaching. I believe that motivating and inspiring piano students in the 21st Century requires a different approach and that's where I am unique.

There is a great temptation for piano and keyboard teachers to teach in the style they were taught.  That's where I'm different.


The foundation on which I build all of my piano lessons is fun, first and foremost!

Over the years there has been so much focus on teaching beginners solely to pass classical exams that young minds have been starved of creativity.

I love to teach students using technology as well as necessary traditional techniques. I enjoy enabling them to create, improvise and explore all the magic music has to offer.


are you looking for piano lessons in Derby?

I get really frustrated by the horror stories I hear of children and adults quitting the piano because of experiences with a bad teacher.  Everything from children being asked to learn pieces on their own at home before a lesson, to autistic students being asked to learn in ways that that are totally unsuitable.  It smacks of complete laziness and a lack of understanding - and that's where I'm different!

Have you ever........

Been taught by a teacher with no sense of humour?
Been told off for making mistakes in piano lessons?
Been told that passing exams is the be all & end all?
Had piano lessons for years but just got nowhere?
Been stuck in method books year after year?
Been taught by a teacher with no social skills or a personality?

If you empathise with any of the above, then you've come to the right place, because I hate all those things too!!


My name is Cate Munro and my piano lessons are the culmination of over 20 years piano teaching and continued professional development which I undertake regularly.

Unlike other piano teachers, who claim to be "ABRSM qualified" (whatever that means) I am a fully qualified registered UK teacher with 16 years teaching experience in primary schools, secondary schools, special education and overseas education - having also taught in Thailand and Costa Rica.

By teaching in a broad range of settings throughout my career, with students of different ages, abilities, language and social needs, I have developed a range of techniques which I use to teach students the basics of learning the piano.

I'm a great believer in harnessing the creativity of each individual - something which is largely overlooked by piano teachers who solely employ more traditional methods. I pride myself on finding music that keeps my students having fun and wanting to learn, ensuring they get an holistic musical education and an understanding of how music works.

I love teaching adults as well as children and teenagers and I'm happy to work on music that YOU want to learn (as long as the basics are there, of course!) 


I believe strongly that sight-reading, chord reading, improvising, rhythm and a good ear are vital for playing the piano and I work hard to build up all these skills in my students.

Most importantly - I'm fun - and yes - I have a personality!  I am incredibly passionate about the job I do and I know you'll have fun working with me!

I offer piano lessons in Derby from my home studio in Oakwood or at your house - which ever suits you best.  Lessons are suited to your level and time-scale and students get the opportunity to play a high-end professional digital piano in the form of a Roland FP 80.

So if you are seeking an enjoyable, in-depth understanding from an experienced, professional, fun and passionate teacher then please do get in touch!


what people are saying


"We have had Cate teaching our eldest two children for around a year now and she is brilliant. They both look forward to their piano lessons each week and Cate has a great way with them. Treating them with respect but still being able to have a giggle with them too. We are so pleased with how well they are both doing that our youngest child has been asking to learn for a few months now so he is starting to spend some time with her too. Ultimately I wasn’t concerned about my children progressing through the grading system, I just wanted them to develop a love of music and enjoy it, and they really do."


"I have been having lessons with Cate for almost 8 months now and her teaching method is awesome! It's simple and enjoyable with fast results. When I first started the only thing I could play was 'Chopsticks', but now I am accompanying myself whilst i sing my heart out! She has also helped me to progress with my songwriting skills. If you want to learn piano, I can highly recommend Cate....”​"


"Cate is an excellent piano teacher. My daughter has been having weekly piano lessons for around a year and a half at Cate's studio, and I can honestly say she thoroughly enjoys them! She is a patient, kind and encouraging teacher who has nurtured a love and understanding of music that my daughter will carry with her throughout her life.
Cate sends lesson notes at the end of each lesson via email with information on progress and constructive feedback. I have also found her flexible with lesson times during school holidays, which really helps.
All in all, everything you would want in a piano teacher!"


"Cate has been teaching our autistic 10 y/o son for around of two years. She is always patient and understanding of his condition. The lessons are interesting and our son absolutely loves them. He is looking forward to meet Cate every week. Highly recommend piano teacher 🙂"


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